We are providing here Career Tips for all kind of job seekers , herewith all are gonna to study about preparation of Resume/Bio Data ,Curriculum vitae (CV) & Cover Letter. 

How to Prepare a Good Resume ,Cover Letter, CV Format

Welcome to CareersPages.com from here you start your perfect Career in your life. Actually Lot’s of people’s , job seekers are loosing a good promotional and highly valued jobs from many of the MNC companies because of their Resume Presentation. Example many number’s of candidates are having a Good Knowledge ,Technical Skills about the correspondence job etc.

The same candidate trying a good company with he’s existing Resume he decline from the interview or shortlisting programme, “so what happen here he loosing he’s good job for he’s resume is not good”. So job seekers should have to follow the steps to complete preparation for a Good Resume for International format.

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Job Seekers are advised to be follow up the steps to be prepare New Resume Format:

  • Cover Letter should be explain who you are and what is your role in your existing company.
  • Prepare resume with good keywords to easily understanding interviewer.
  • Kindly provide what your are goes to say about you in resume short and sweet.
  • Should not exceed 3 pages in your resume.
  • Explain about you and your responsibility in the company.
  • Make bullet points for each your skills.
  • Provide all kind of skills and activities.
  • Career History must be explain about your position in your company with dutes.
  • Mention how many years , months experience in old company.
  • Career Objective , Area of Expertise , Personnel Summary , Personal Skills , Personal Details, Key Skills and Competencies, Personal attributes, Academic Qualifications should provide in the body of the resume.

These are all should be in your new resume for make a good international format of Resume. Job Seekers must be follow these things definitely never a next good chance in a another Companies.


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