How to prepare GK for UPSC exams

Students preparing for different competitive exams like UPSC, SSC or students preparing for different government jobs, the major problem faced by all is (GK) General Knowledge. Topics like General Knowledge will not only help you in scoring maximum marks in less time, it also helps you to perform well in Group Discussions and Debates. Students who prepare for UPSC examinations does not wait for the official UPSC Notification to come, they just follow the UPSC calendar which is available on the official site of UPSC. In this article, we will provide you with some of the important tips on how to prepare General Knowledge for UPSC exams.

Read Daily Newspaper

You should start building a new habit of reading newspaper, it is recommended to read more than one newspaper. It will be beneficial for you if you can read one newspaper in your mother tongue and the other one in English. Some good newspapers that you can follow are “The Hindu“, “ The Times of India ”, “ The Telegraph ” etc. Reading the newspaper on a daily basis helps you to keep an eye on what is happening around the globe. Keeping yourself updated always makes you different from the rest.

Watch Special Programmes on News Channels

You should watch special current affairs programs on TV, watch news channel once in a day. Choose an appropriate time or the actual time at which your favorite show of your favorite journalist goes on air. Try to go watch most of the top headlines of the day because this news is short and effective.

Make Notes

Whatever you see and whatever you read, make a note of each and every event that you think is very important and can be asked in the examination. Writing up things helps you to remember in a better way. We all know that a lot happens around the globe, so it is not an easy task to remember each and every event. It is always a better option to keep a note of all these current events.


You should browse the internet and follow some good blogs or some good websites who keep updating news after certain intervals. Sign Up or take part in some activities over the internet. Follow some good websites like Quora and Reddit. Subscribe to all major newspapers portals.

The candidates should submit the UPSC online form and check the eligibility on the official website of UPSC. For a better understanding of concepts, the candidates can subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube Channel.