Byju’s App: Changing Education and Classroom

In this generation, the influence of technology upon students and education has become immense. Mobile applications as teaching tools are becoming more and more common in many schools and classroom. In the changing times, students are more driven towards using educational apps for their studies rather than books.

Byju’s App has changed the way of learning in the current years. This revolutionary application has attracted and inspired many students to fall in love with learning from the basic level.

What is Byju’s- The Learning App?

Byju’s- The Learning App which is commonly known as Byju’s App is a learning platform which provides students with various video courses and lectures with various test series and other attractive features to help them learn in a fun way along with clearing all their concepts. The mobile application was launched in the year 2015, which is founded by India’s No.1 trainer Mr Raveendran Byju. The educational app was downloaded by over 2 million students within few months of launching.

Reasons to choose Byju’s- The Learning App

Byju’s App is not the replacement of the traditional way of learning but it is a supplement to what we learn. A detailed Byjus App review is given below which can help them understand the advantages of using the educational app for learning.

  • Brain-Mapped Lessons

There are numerous educational boards in India with different syllabus and exam pattern. Byju’s- The Learning App is designed in such a way that all students can learn from it. The lessons are created in a way that all the topics are structured so that students do not face any confusion while studying.

  • Visualising Concepts with Interactive Videos

Clearing the concept is one of the biggest problems for most students. The human brain has the tendency to remember visual memory for a long period of time. So Byju’s App provides video lessons with 3D animations and In-air projections to help students understand and remember the concepts of maths, physics, chemistry, and biology in a better way.

  • Adaptive Learning

Students face a lot of conceptual problems while preparing for their examination. Sometimes students cannot understand a particular topic due to complex concepts. Byju’s provide a revolutionary feature called Adaptive Learning for this kind of problems. With the help of this feature students with different capability will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and with a comfortable approach. They can learn at their own pace and will not have to adapt themselves to the teacher’s pace.

  • Educational Games and Test Series

With the introduction of educational apps like Byju’s- The Learning App, lessons have transformed into games. The most effective way to engage students is with the help of games, and Byju’s App has used this to change the face of education. Various educational apps with interesting features and levels are provided to engage students more and more in learning. The app also provides various test series for various competitive exams to prepare them for the future.

  • Personal Mentors

Byju’s also provides personal mentors who are always there to clear the doubts of all the students. The mentors also help students to understand concepts and also provide them with study schedules and notes.

Byju’s- The Learning App is the leading educational app in the educational sector. Millions of students are benefiting and excelling in their academic performance by enrolling themselves with Byju’s app.